Publicly Offered Research (2021~2022)

A01: Measurement of “Weak Interactions” for Material Symbiosis

  • Masato Katahira
    Structures and interactions of nucleic acids in living human cells by in-cell NMR
  • Akio Kitao
    Quantitative prediction of effects of weak interactions investigated by cutting-edge simulation
  • Tomohiro Hayashi
    Detection of trial-and-error-processes of biomolecules in biological crowding conditions
  • Yusuke Morimoto
    Analysis of weak interactions by detection of local pH near the cell membrane

A02: Identification of Symbiotic Parametars between Materials and Biomolecules/Living cells

  • Takumi Ueda
    Elucidation of the mechanism underlying the residence time-dependent functions of weak GPCR-drug interactions
  • Shinichi Sato
    Comprehensive chemical labeling and identification of low-affinity protein interactions
  • Atsushi Shibata
    Elucidation of the mechanism underlying immune-stimulation by HLA presentation and ISGs induction in response to non-self-derived nucleic acids
  • Taro Shimizu
    Evaluation of interaction and immune responses between artificial materials and B cells for material symbiosis
  • Tomoko Hashimoto
    Elucidation of symbiotic interactions between polymeric biomaterials and body tissues
  • Hiroto Hatakeyama
    Elucidation of diversity in the production of anti-drug antibodies to immune checkpoint inhibitors
  • Yuichiro Fujiwara
    Maintenance of blood glucose level based on selective absorption of sugar characterized by weak binding
  • Shintaro Fumoto
    Construction of integrated theory for symbiosis of non-viral vectors using lipids
  • Atsuko Yamashita
    “Analysis of physiological reactions induced by weak interactions between taste receptors and materials”

A03: Design and Development of Novel Symbiotic Materials

  • Satoshi Okada
    Development of magnetic technology for controlling extracellular calcium dynamics and elucidation of the mechanism of intestinal immune system
  • Shinya Tanaka
    Regulatory B (Breg) cell-mediated material symbiosis
  • Yasuhiro Nakagawa
    Development of Weak Interaction based Organic-Inorganic Complex Nucleotide Therapeutics Delivery System for NASH Treatment
  • Kazuaki Matsumura
    Elucidating of protective properties on biomolecules and biomaterials by polyampholytes through Molecular Shielding mechanism
  • Shin-ichi Yusa
    Interaction between biomembrane and zwitterionic polymer with well controlled structure
  • Tomonori Waku
    Development of a symbiotic DDS carrier based on precise control of the length of one-dimensional nanomaterials


  • Toyohiro Naito
    RIKEN Innovation Co., Ltd.